Between manufacturing ability and production philosophy

Ca\Stilis an Italian brand specialising in contemporary design metal seating. The brand has been developed by a company with over 30 years experience, recognised internationally for its know-how and excellent quality and technology. The first Ca\Stilrange was born in 2010 from extensive experience in the furniture industry and willingness to address new needs in interior design and decor of outdoor spaces. The latest collections are designed by AtelierNanni, Studioventotto, Dario PolacoDesign, Studio CarlesiTonelli e Debonademeo.

Ca\Stilsees itself as a metalworking production philosophy. This ductile, malleable and versatile material is used to create furniture with simple and contemporary lines, designed for contract projects. Manufacturing, carried out internally in the Udine-based factory, allows complete customization of the product and enhances each project’s uniqueness.


Furnishing outdoor spaces as contemporary interiors

For many people, spending time outdoors is a pleasure, especially when outdoor spaces are furnished with the care usually reserved for interior design, ergonomics and functionality. The seats and accessories with the Ca\Stil brand are born inspired by this consideration.


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