we have developed in collaboration with Atelier Nanni, Studioventotto, DeBonaDeMeo, Studio Carlesi Tonelli e Dario Polaco Design a range of seating and accessories primarily for outdoor spaces but also suitable for indoor to evoke, in any season, the outdoor aesthetic.

Atelier Nanni

For us, Dream and project are very close. It often happens to arrive at the best solutions in moments of relaxation, when the mind is freer from conditioning. The development of our collection for Ca\Stil was a great challenge through the design and its translation into collections of metal chairs and accessories for outdoor use. Inspired by an idea of stylistic coherence, we have created Ada, Dida, Hall, Symple and Thau as furniture we would like for our homes, intertwining the corporate history of Ca\Stil, dedicated to metal processing, with our approach to design.


In this moment of our life, a “dream” for us is a trip with our children to distant Countries that we visited when we were alone and had no idea what it meant to become parents. Journeys in which we let ourselves be inspired by natural suggestions that are then found in the collections designed for Ca\Stil. The new products we have created for Dream, both for the Emily family designed by us, and those of other designers, are very much in continuity with the previous collections, and fully reflect the identity of the company, as well as our personality.


We consider creativity as an intrinsic ability of humans. Our aim is to give shape to the ideas that find solutions to the expressed or unexpressed needs of society. We try to anticipate them through designs able to evoke emotions, amazement and wellbeing. Inspired by Ca\Stil artisanal ability and everyday life, from the sensations arising from ordinary actions to the desire to be surrounded by thoughtful objects. Dafne, Oddo and Orazio were inspired by our fascination in metal work, decontextualized and translated into a design typical of an evocative minimalism.

Studio Carlesi Tonelli

For us the dream is a journey, a symbol that interprets life experiences and projects. Perhaps an allegory that refers to our inner journeys, a space of peace, everything that can relate to creation, growth and life. The collaboration with Ca\Stil stems from a common desire to pursue new stylistic languages, through innovative technical and formal solutions, to give new dynamism to the outdoor world. The products we have designed have a cheerful and playful style, a reminder of childhood outdoor games, and are suitable for both home and contract use.

Dario Polaco Design

I find that the dream, in some way, is a parenthesis between the moments of consciousness, a bubble in which we can travel in time and space that makes us escape from reality, as well as when we listen to good music or watch a good movie. Likewise, the design helps to create small oases that function as a refuge in the middle of the jungle that many live in. With Ca\Stil the aim was to create products that could improve the experience in outdoor spaces, usually seen as spaces of transitory and secondary use: life, outside, is always more beautiful!

Vladislav Tolochko

Art is more than just my job: it is part of my life, and I express my emotions, thoughts and experiences through it. When creating each item, I go through a complete life cycle with it to find perfect lines, shapes, and proportions. The goal that I pursue is to change the outlook on things that surround us. I believe what surrounds us is what describes sho we are.


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