In Dream we closed our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by dreams

Rem phase

When at night you completely abandon the control of your body, and let the most pure, alive and most active part of you guide you in the adventure of the dreams you are immersed in: the brain. When, through that phase of rest, when nothing can touch you, because everything is imperceptible, you release the tension of waking to be reborn, lighter, more serene and aware of yourself: different, yet still yourself. New, but always the same as you already were. You escape to find yourself, sleep to regenerate, dreams to rediscover yourself. In that catharsis your true identity is defined. And now, we welcome you to ours.

This is how this catalogue was born, created arm by arm with companions of known and new travel. Together, we dreamed of a world that is an oasis of rest from the frenzy of everyday life, developing it in shapes, finishes, Ca\Stil philosophy. Everything in Dream is more intense, fuller, more real than ever. Starting with the colors. Seven new finishes that we have collected during our journey into the dreamlike world, towards the imaginary universes that in the furniture are enhanced and that concretize the sweet illusion in which the REM phase soothes us.


Lumoo is a global architectural lighting
company based in Copenhagen

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